Volume One contains the first chapter into Katrina Angeles’ personal diary of her life alongside art.
Katrina is an avid fan of traveling, food, animals, fashion, sports, beauty style, and (fun fact) is a small collector of the Philippine Balisong. Katrina owns 6 dogs named Mason, Duke, Peanut, Meatball, Xena, and Wunnamed-1.jpgrinkle, as well as a French thoroughbred horse named Jaeger Meister. The sport Katrina favors is equestrian show jumping which she has been doing for nearly 15 years. For fashion on the other hand, with an overflowing wardrobe of black colored clothes, Kat likes to experiment between boyish-street wear and crisp-simplistic pieces with an eclectic twist.


The author of this blog currently lives in Manila, Philippines and studies BFA Arts Management in The Ateneo De Manila University. From her course you can suspect that art plays a big role in her life and shows that it is a large inb9a6d2e33b8a851ec3a5e35057921585.jpgterest of hers aside from those stated above. Although Katrina is not planning on becoming a professional artist (nor does she explicitly know what she plans to become exactly, which poses as her greatest concern), she still enjoys painting from time to time as well as sketching to relieve her from stress and to just unwind.

Katrina’s favorite artists are:

  1. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  2. Keith Haring
  3. Jose Joya
  4. Raf Simon
  5. Francisco Costa

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