Selfies vs. Art

Social Soul by Kyle McDonald and Lauren McCarthyoilt1ujbmrbtyn1rqxw0.png

The work caught my attention and urged me to include this as one of my related literature because of how it explains the impact installation art has on its viewers. This was another reason why I want to pursue the idea of creating an installation for this subject because in my opinion it captivates the viewer on a whole ‘nother level and in an installation you can include various images instead of just one, which for example, is seen in paintings.

Nice To Meet you by Bonnier PropertiesScreen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.23.41 PM.png

Like what was explained above regarding the impact an installation may have on its audience, I find that installation also goes beyond in terms of finding ways to interact with the viewers. In this art installation it depicted a tree and every time a person would walk by, a leaf would be added- it was able to incorporate each person in its vicinity without having to really capture the individual as a whole.

Social media have become a vital tool for artists — but are they good for art?la-1466641235-snap-photo.jpg

This article was about how an educated artist moved to LA and saw how a person can change within social media. Social media in relation to artists is a tricky relationship because in ways it does boost an artists platform but on the other hand it coerces the artist to change in terms of their inability to express themselves freely due to constant backlash and “sensitive” people.

Art for Instagram – is social media ruining art?

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.38.41 PM.png

In this news article it explains that taking photos of art is not wrong; it allows the viewers to appreciate them and keep them as a memory because who knows when you will be able to see another Jeff Koons sculpture. The negative point here is when photos are taken to satisfy your ‘Instagram thirst’- where you can “take a selfie with an added cultural capital and so that your followers can see that you have high quality taste in art.

Student Breaks 19th Century Greco-Roman Statue While Taking a Selfiescreen-shot-2014-03-18-at-10-33-12-am1.png

This is one example of why selfies should not be done while in a museum. In this article it depicts the situation wherein a student climbed onto a sculpture for selfie purposes and that shows that instead of having your brain focused on selfies you should just follow the museum rules and learn to be there to appreciate the work.

Yayoi Kusama pumpkin damaged by person taking a selfieinsta-art.jpg

Here is another example of selfies and art: an unnamed selfie taker steps on one of the pumpkins and causes damage. What upsets me other than the selfie taking is that they do not appreciate the work that goes into making the piece, which is seen because they would rather take selfies of themselves instead of really taking in the beauty of the artwork.

I chose to do an installation because I feel that with it I can interact with the audience rather than doing it with a painting or a photograph. The topic I have which includes “selfies” is a great combination with my chosen medium because in turn it is interaction with art but in a way it is allowable. Allowable in terms of letting people touch, be part of, and see the work in a different dimension. In return I hope to make the audience see that there is more to art than just the selfies and that there should be more appreciation put into it.



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