Stuck: A Work In Progress II

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Assessment of progress

So far was able to buy all the materials needed for my artwork. Although I am at a slower pace due to difficulties along the way, I hope to finish my the allotted time. I would not say that there are any goals unmet because my artwork process is relatively easy but the only bump I have is in terms of aesthetics and if it will look good.


  1. I was able to buy materials for my artwork. Things like good lights for the lettering, and mirrors
  2. I at first had success in the breaking of my mirror because I was able to get the shapes I wanted but as I assembled the work it failed (which will I will explain in difficulties)
  3. Although my mirror did not work out the way I wanted at first I was able to see if my lights worked as lettering which it did


I’m having a really hard time assembling my artwork because I don’t think I have an eye for good work when I’m the one making it. It seems that when I do it and it’s my own product, I become opposite as being bias and I see it as sub-par. This gets frustrating because I always tend to scrap my work and start anew but end up having to do it again because I wouldn’t like the outcome either. Sometimes when I try to make a final outcome it looks like an arts and crafts piece and I always want the things I do to have a more professional outcome even if I’m not a professional artist. I don’t necessarily want to say I haven’t started, because I have, but it feels like I haven’t since I’m stuck in a state of not being able to think of any creative outputs anymore. But I am trying to push through and will think of something that I will successfully present.

*also I’ve decided to scrap my old mirror and change it to a new one with new lights to see if it will work better


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