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Views is an installation piece inspired by the art of Camilo Matiz and the New York street. The concept behind my work is about “selfie culture” and the way people nowadays use art as a background for their #ootds with an added cultural capital, which they then tend to forget to even appreciate the art in front of them. This is why I chose to use a mirror with the words “Fake A Life”. With the mirror it allows the viewers to see their reflection within the words first, then try to understand the words. I used the phrase “Fake A Life” because in photos you choose to be however your followers see you even when it is not necessarily- you. With the work I want viewers to look into themselves first and realize that there is more than looking through a phone screen and that the you decide to view art beyond selfies then you will see that it can speak to you (the viewer) in a deeper meaning.

The main reason why I decided on the concept was because of Art Fair 2017. While I was going around the area observing each piece I noticed the large amounts of people who would stand right in front of an artwork just to take their photos. There were two instances that really caught my eye and made me realize how much art is under appreciated. First was when a group of young boys took photos beside a nude bust made by Ramon Orlina and posed maliciously next to it and made fun of how it depicted a nude woman. It made me think that in open places like this you can not escape the fact that there will be people who poke fun at work that show women in the nude or at artworks that they do not see normal. Second instance was when I saw a photo of a friend on Facebook who captioned it as “Went to an art fair just to take photos”. That really showed me how much people do just go for the photos; that it does happen and it is not just from my assumed observations. The second instance was the main reason behind why I chose my concept for this project.

From then on I decided to dedicate my artwork to in a way, give tribute to artists who do it for a living; who take time and effort to create something that means incredibly much to them and to create awareness to those who only go to seem cultured or to take photos  so that they can learn to understand that art is something to be appreciated, to be absorbed and viewers should learn how to respect it.


Of Process

Starting off, my whole idea was to use a broken mirror to distort the view of the audience to show that not everything in art is beautiful and/or picture perfect. Moving forward, I could not get it they way I wanted- instead of it looking like a work of art it started looking like a work of a 5 year old (hahaha). I suppose every process of an artist, even those who are not, passes through difficulties and I was able to experience it first hand. It was terribly frustrating and confusing because I did not have any other ideas at that time that I thought could emphasize my concept as a whole (other than the one I had at that given moment). I researched how to break a mirror properly so that it could have a fixed design but that, in a way, ruined the point of it being accidental, which I wanted it to be. Fortunately when I could not find any other way, we had the partner activity in class that helped me think of other ways I could make my mirror art better and that is when I decided that I wanted the art to be as raw and “New York street”-like as possible. This came after the time I found a photo of a friend living in New York. It was a photo of a mirror along the side walk with a phrase scribbled on it and that is when I got the idea of the work I later on created. It took time for me to ultimately realize what I wanted for my artwork but like for everyone, it was a lengthy but satisfying process. When I finally got the idea and mapped out my train of thought, I was able to really go for it because I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Original Mind Map


To view project video:

Of Work

Views is an 80x60cm installation piece inspired by New York City street art that many people are drawn to while visiting the urbanized area, hence the rough vibe and imperfections it gives off. This art aims to go beyond the selfie culture and current trend of #ootd photos that are often taken in front of art and instead draw people in to directly looking at themselves and the art as one and not just the latter as a background. The focus of the piece is the mirror and the letters because its purpose is for the viewer to peer into the work to see themselves therefore, in a way, forcing them to see themselves and not automatically thinking to instantly take a photo.

I chose to make the artwork street art inspired because of how people are drawn to it. Most of the time, when I am abroad or when I see photos of people/friends in different cities I notice that we are most attracted to graffiti and art done by street artists. I wanted my work to have the same effect wherein you are not exactly sure of what the background of the work is and why it was made but you have your own interpretations of it and you keep the work as a remembrance that you once appreciated it in front of you. I chose the color red as the main hue because the meaning behind red is strength and  passion. I also wanted it to be eye catching and vibrant, but thought that I would not get the same impact if I used usual “vibrant” colors like orange or yellow. I also decided to use a large mirror so that viewers would be able to see themselves in the words and with it they will be “forced” to read the lettering instead of looking right pass it.

Views up close

img_4206.jpgimg_4165.jpg                            img_4166.jpg                      img_4173.jpg

Evaluation Of Process

When this semester first started and Sir talked to us about our project of creating an art piece, I was definitely afraid because of how I would be able to do it or how I would be judged. I did not like the idea of me creating something and then possibly failing from it because I do not see myself as the most creative person (hahaha) but I still tried to be positive about it. Research in the Arts made me understand the process that goes into creating a work and how it first comes from a moment in each ones life. For example, my work is personal; it may not be the same for everyone else. In the class I learned that the creative process starts off vague and it is alright to be because the work evolves through time and sort of like a trial and error exercise. I learned that art does not have to be perfect and should look like everyone else’s because it should come from the individual’s own creative vision. I learned that the art you make may not appeal to everyone’s taste but there will always be one who will appreciate it (sort of how they say: “there is someone for everyone”). I also learned that art really is a way of expressing yourself- before I used to say it just as an answer to a question often asked in art class but after creating art first hand (in a serious manner) I felt a different impact as to how I now view art as a way of expressing yourself. I now see it as pouring your passion on the topic into your canvas and putting all the effort you have into the work to make it as good as it can be. I used to think making art was just drawing on a blank paper or canvas and thinking of an object to depict and that was the whole process but as I did mine I realize that it was more than just thinking of something and drawing, it was actually thinking of a concept, preparing for what you are going to make in terms of buying materials and conceptualizing it, and execution wherein you have to think of the perfect way (in your mind) to convey the concept to the viewers wherein even if you are not in the same room as them, they will immediately think of something that comes to mind. The best works in my opinion come from the artworks that when I see it, it immediately relates to me, where I can right away think of an interpretation directly after seeing the artwork.

The difference between understanding art as a body of information and discovering it via practice and exhibition is that when you see it as information you tend to see it as just that. You see it as something to remember and something you store in the same area in your brain you would for school information, but via practice and exhibition, you discover it in your own way therefore feeling the work and appreciating it first hand. This way you see the art in a different way of remembering, you remember to savor the moment you had while looking at the art and how it was created. Creating an artwork is different than just describing an artwork you liked after seeing it in an exhibition and that is why it made it easier for me to talk to someone who was critiquing the work I made. I learned that everyone will have an opinion and either you will forcefully push it away and become negatively affected by it or you will absorb it and learn. I chose the latter because when I had my panel critiquing my work I learned from how I could make my work better in the future. Before I was afraid of going in because I thought I would not be able to defend a work I made to make it look good in front of a panelist but I realized that when you make your own work, you will defend it endlessly because you become proud of what you have made and you stand by it. I also learned more about the work because of the questions asked that I did not think of myself and then from there learning about myself in the process.

The whole process of thinking of a concept, the preparation, and execution made me realize just how much goes into one artwork. For me, thinking of a concept could be easy but the struggle comes with looking for ways to convey your message to viewers in which they will be able to understand without you as the artist always being there to narrate the concept behind a work.

Moving Forward

As for myself as an artist I will probably pursue it in a whole new different way rather than the one we did for this semester. Me being an Art Management student gives me the opportunity to share the story behind works and put them together in a way that different art pieces can work together. My future as an artist will probably be one that involves art being in forms of curating and showing people artworks made of others, while on the sidelines have making art as a hobby as I have said above I am not the most creative in terms of drawing and painting. This semester I started off feeling scared to explore creating art as I thought I would not be any good but as time progressed I realized that it is more of putting myself in my work and from there I will be able to appreciate what I have done even if it does not appeal to others. As I recovered that about myself I opened up a new loss for myself which is trying new things as I make art. I have to try to open myself up to learning and not being afraid to try to draw and paint even if I have to fail first before getting to a place where I become comfortable and happy with the outcome of my work. I should learn how to not be afraid to fail and even when I pass through frustration and doubts about myself I should keep pushing through because at the end I may end up with something beautiful. As I develop more over time, as an artist I would like to establish a certain form of art for myself and it does not necessarily mean in the traditional ways of art but in everything I do in the future. I will be an artist in ways of being passionate about what I do, to always think of ways to make anything creative, and to be different while still maintaining to be myself. I learned a lot in this class which I can take with me in the future because what I have learned not only applies in terms of art, creating art, and critiquing art, but also in ways of doing things.

Thinking of a concept: carefully picking out topics that I can talk about because when picking them right, can turn out to be something I am passionate about and will always be able to defend what I stand by.

Preparation: Even when things do not go your way when you prepare for something, I learned to push through it because in return it can turn into something you can be proud of in the future.

Execution: To always give your all when acting upon something because when you give it all your effort you will be able to look at it, appreciate it, and call it beautiful even when not everyone thinks the same.

Lastly, when someone critiques your work: I learned to take into consideration the opinions of others because even though they may not go as you want or be something you do not want to hear, ultimately those words can help you become more. A critique from someone can be a stepping stone for you to create something even better in the future.

This semester in FA 102, I learned that even if you are afraid of rejection, you should stay passionate and never doubt yourself because in the end it may turn up good in your favor.

Thank you for the semester, Sir! 🙂


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